The Bon Secours Anatomy and Skills Lab is a hands-on approach to review anatomy and various skills.

There will BLS versions offered on Saturday, March 7.  ALS Sessions will be on Sunday, March 8.

The location for the Anatomy and Skills Lab is at the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing Clinical Simulation Lab.  It is located at 7900 Shrader Road (Henrico, Va. 23294) on the second floor in Suite 200.  The Lab is on the same street as the Henrico Fire Training Center where the Expo is held.  

You will be given Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to don. This will consist of a gown, booties, scrub hat, face mask, eye protection and gloves. You are required to wear the PPE while in the lab. If you need to leave the lab for any reason, you will need to doff your PPE and then don another set to re‐enter.
DO NOT WEAR DUTY OR WORK BOOTS – they will not fit in the booties.
The Cadaver Lab room temperature will be significantly lowered (60’s) to help in maintaining the cadavers. We recommend that you wear warm clothing or bring some additional clothing to wear. You may wear your uniform if you desire to do so, but it is not required.
There will be no cellphone use in the lab.
There will be no pictures taken by any participant in the lab.
All EMS Agency’s Photography and Social Media Policies are in effect during your participation in the lab. Any violation to this will end with your immediate dismissal from
the Anatomy and Skills Lab. If your EMS Agency does not have a policy, the answer is NO!   There is no food or drink allowed in the lab area at any time.
We are grateful for those who have donated their bodies to science and for our learning.
We ask that you are respectful at all times of the bodies and this learning opportunity.
Any disrespect, joking or horseplay will not be tolerated and will result immediate dismissal .